We are always ready to help you get the most out of your playset!

Below are the most popular services we offer to our customers. You can schedule them online or call 419-320-9990 to inquire about availability and times during evenings and weekends.


Site evaluation ($39.95)

Our site evaluation services are a must for small or uneven yards or whenever you need some guidanance as to what model would best fit your space and budget. The order price will be credited towards the purchase of your swing set.


Swing sets move ($295 and up)

We have moved hundreds of sets and each of them presented it's own unique challenges. We inspect all the wood and hardware and replace anything that would pose a hazard to your family. Price is based on size and distance. When you place an order we will contact you to provide you with a custom quote.


Swing set seasonal check and maintenance ($79.95)

Our start of the season check and maintenance service is best performed in the spring and is designed to assure you'll enjoy the set worry and problem free. We will inspect all the wooden components, tighten all the hardware and discuss any issues that might compromise your children's safe play.


Warranty evaluation ($49.95) and repairs ($80/hour)

Our company provides labor for all of your warranty repairs. Parts are ordered through Rainbow and shipped either to us or to your house. The price of the evaluation service ($49.95) is credited to the final price of the repairs which varies based on the amount of labor involved.


Swing set power washing and staining ($199 and up)

We offer complete power washing and staining of any swing set. Prices vary based on size and services requested. Please contact us to discuss your needs.